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    1. Home of the official Red River College retiree blog. The place for retirees to stay connected.

      Trivia and Treats

      The HG Social Committee invites you (and any guests you wish to bring)?to join us for our Heritage Group February social event entitled “TRIVIA AND TREATS”.??Enjoy a couple of hours of fun involving braintesting and teasing questions on a variety of topics in a group atmosphere of laughter and maraderie. A light lunch of sandwiches,…

      Bob Dunham

      Bob taught Mathematics when he first arrived at the Manitoba Institute of Technology in the early-to mid-1960s. He later beme the Principal of Trades and Technology of what was then Red River Community College. We could find no obituary, but it is thought that Bob had retired to BC and died in November of 2018.…

      Putting Ivy on the Walls

      by Bob Barr Back in 1996 Dan Demedash and I were thinking ahead to retirement. The College had no associated appendage for retirees. Through acquaintances, we knew of the U of M faculty lounge, whose membership included retired professors and boasted a wonderful common room, a bar and a dining room. ?Some emeritus profs were…

      2018 HG Holiday Luncheon at Assiniboia Downs

      by Karen Wall Forty Heritage Group members and their guests attended the annual Holiday?Luncheon on Thursday, November 15. Our new venue this year, the?Terrace Dining Room at Assiniboia Downs, proved to be an excellent setting to?celebrate the season. The ambience of the Terrace Dining Room was festive and open, and our view of?the surrounding outdoor…

      Heritage Group Blog Archive

      Click HERE?to display all of the posts in our Heritage Group blog in reverse chronologil order.

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